Book birthday – and a giveaway!

It's no April Fool - The Secret Notebook Of Sherlock Holmes is one year old today! *plays slightly out-of-tune chord on violin* (it's been a while) To celebrate, the ebook is 99c/99p/equivalent on Amazon today (Saturday 1 April) - plus I'm running a paperback giveaway! So if you fancy a signed copy, all you have to do for … Continue reading Book birthday – and a giveaway!

An approaching bookiversary

I did have a vague feeling that something was coming up! It's very nearly a year since the launch of The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes, and Facebook very helpfully put a memory in front of me a couple of days ago...the moment when I cleared my throat and announced that I had a book coming … Continue reading An approaching bookiversary

An Invitation Refused: a short story for Valentine’s Day

Here's a daft little story I wrote a while back, a version of a fairytale which you might recognise. Hope you enjoy it! An Invitation Refused 'You shall go to the ball!' The Fairy Godmother waved her magic wand. Cinderella stared. 'Really?' 'Oh yes,' replied the benevolent dame. 'Pazowie!' With a few swirls of her wand … Continue reading An Invitation Refused: a short story for Valentine’s Day

My first writing workshop!

So this weekend I did something a bit different from usual. I ran a writing workshop! It came about through a meeting of the Friends of Penketh Library (FOPL for short), who have been organising lots of events to support and promote the library. There's recently been a big consultation about the future of Warrington's libraries, … Continue reading My first writing workshop!

Sherlock boxset Kindle Countdown Deal on today!

Just dropping in to say that this weekend I have a Kindle Countdown Deal running for the Sherlock boxset I've put together.  The boxset contains The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes and A Jar of Thursday, and right now it's available for 99c at ONLY. Click here to snap yours up: At some point this weekend the … Continue reading Sherlock boxset Kindle Countdown Deal on today!

Mwahaha! The Case of the Snow-White Lady is released!

Look, it's nearly Halloween, cut me some slack here! This story wasn't supposed to happen at all. I was planning to write a nice modern mystery, and in preparation I went to an excellent lecture by Kathryn Harkup called 'A is for Arsenic: The Poisons of Agatha Christie', part of the Daresbury Laboratory Talking Science series (there's … Continue reading Mwahaha! The Case of the Snow-White Lady is released!

Paperback Writer!

Book post is the very best kind of post - especially when it's proofs of your own paperbacks! It almost makes the agonising over typefaces, spacing, etc etc etc worthwhile. I'm delighted to report that the paperback versions of Bitesize and A Jar Of Thursday are now available on Amazon. I'm also working on an offer for my Etsy … Continue reading Paperback Writer!

Firewords, Thursday and Mirrors, oh my!

It's like buses, you wait for ages and then three come along at once! Firewords Quarterly I'm full of a cold and battling with the paperback edition of A Jar Of Thursday, but I've been cheered today by the arrival of some very fine book post courtesy of Firewords. This is issue 7, Dark/Light, and yes, it … Continue reading Firewords, Thursday and Mirrors, oh my!

#ShortStorySunday: ‘Life To The Full’

So, back in August I entered a local writing competition run by Stockton Heath Writers Group. As I've been concentrating on longer writing, I felt rather rusty - 1200 words seemed to go by in a flash! However, I polished up three stories while I was on holiday and sent them on their way. I … Continue reading #ShortStorySunday: ‘Life To The Full’