It’s that new year post again

2016 was quite a year. Stranger than fiction in many ways - I feel for dystopian fiction authors and satirists, since they must be wondering where they can go next. However, this particular blog post (the third of its kind, I'm surprised to see) is a review of my writing and other progress in 2016, and … Continue reading It’s that new year post again

Two years ago

Yesterday Facebook pinged one of those 'On This Day' notifications. Now usually these follow a fairly standard pattern where in past years I have updated my status with the news that: one of the kids said something daft I ran somewhere I ate either cheese, cake, chocolate or biscuits the cat is sitting on me … Continue reading Two years ago

Bits and pieces: a not-3-month writing review

Well, tsk. Despite being the sort of person who enjoys measuring and tracking things, I haven't done a writing-progress-update sort of post on here for a while. Not since February, I believe. I've hivered and hovered on what to blog about for a few days now, and having rejected various topics as 'not quite the … Continue reading Bits and pieces: a not-3-month writing review