Two years ago

Yesterday Facebook pinged one of those 'On This Day' notifications. Now usually these follow a fairly standard pattern where in past years I have updated my status with the news that: one of the kids said something daft I ran somewhere I ate either cheese, cake, chocolate or biscuits the cat is sitting on me …

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Au revoir, trams: a commuting photo-journey

My commute is about to change. Metrolink are, apparently, going to do wonderful things to St Peter's Square tram stop. Unfortunately this means that they're closing it for eight weeks. I've spent quite a lot of time working out the best way to accomplish my work commute into Manchester. On paper it isn't far. However, …

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Countdown to purdah

Purdah (noun): 1. The practice in certain Muslim and Hindu societies of screening women from men or strangers, especially by means of a curtain. 1.3 British The period leading up to an election, during which government departments generally refrain from making any new announcements. (Oxford Dictionaries) Tomorrow, March 30, the organisation where I now work will enter purdah. …

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