It’s that time again! Easter Egg Hunt 2017

It's raining...I have a cold... It must be time for this year's Easter Egg Hunt! This year I've gone for a secret agent / spy theme, so there are codes to crack, an anagram to unscramble, and a fairly rubbish rebus. 5 clues, 5 different puzzles. My kids are 8 and 10 and I reckon … Continue reading It’s that time again! Easter Egg Hunt 2017

An Invitation Refused: a short story for Valentine’s Day

Here's a daft little story I wrote a while back, a version of a fairytale which you might recognise. Hope you enjoy it! An Invitation Refused 'You shall go to the ball!' The Fairy Godmother waved her magic wand. Cinderella stared. 'Really?' 'Oh yes,' replied the benevolent dame. 'Pazowie!' With a few swirls of her wand … Continue reading An Invitation Refused: a short story for Valentine’s Day

My first writing workshop!

So this weekend I did something a bit different from usual. I ran a writing workshop! It came about through a meeting of the Friends of Penketh Library (FOPL for short), who have been organising lots of events to support and promote the library. There's recently been a big consultation about the future of Warrington's libraries, … Continue reading My first writing workshop!

#ShortStorySunday: ‘Life To The Full’

So, back in August I entered a local writing competition run by Stockton Heath Writers Group. As I've been concentrating on longer writing, I felt rather rusty - 1200 words seemed to go by in a flash! However, I polished up three stories while I was on holiday and sent them on their way. I … Continue reading #ShortStorySunday: ‘Life To The Full’

It’s #ComedyBookWeek on Twitter!

Taking a very quick break from editing (yes, STILL editing), to mention the marvellous #ComedyBookWeek that's been going on this week. It's the brainchild of Ana Spoke, author of Shizzle, Inc, and if you follow the hashtag you'll find all sorts of goodies - interviews, reviews and giveaways. Plus many of the participating books (over 100 at … Continue reading It’s #ComedyBookWeek on Twitter!

6 things I learnt while making my book cover…

Yes, I admit it. In spite of all the advice about not making your own book cover and getting a proper designer/cover artist/using an appropriate stock photo/getting a quality premade cover, I went ahead and designed my own. Here's why: I had a very strong idea of how I wanted the cover to look. The … Continue reading 6 things I learnt while making my book cover…

Introducing…the Secret Notebook Pinterest board!

I had a lot of fun researching The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes. Something I wanted to do as part of the book was provide links to a few of the sources I used, and information for anyone who might want to explore further. I present...*drumroll*...the Secret Notebook Pinterest board! It's hyperlinked at the back of the ebook, … Continue reading Introducing…the Secret Notebook Pinterest board!

An exclusive interview with Professor J. Parker Holcroft

As part of the celebrations for the Secret Notebook launch we have obtained an exclusive interview with Professor J. Parker Holcroft, from the Department of Criminology, University of Westmorland, who kindly contributed the book's foreword. Professor J. Parker Holcroft is not easy to find. When I enquire at the reception of the Department of Criminology, they claim there … Continue reading An exclusive interview with Professor J. Parker Holcroft

So much to do, so little time…

As blog posts go, this one is a check-in to let you know that I haven't been eaten by an Alsatian (or the cat). I've just been busy doing things. In my last post I talked about sending my manuscript to a small army of beta-readers for the very first time, and joked that I … Continue reading So much to do, so little time…