Shenanigans! Caster & Fleet are on discount this week!

Guess what?! The Case of the Black Tulips, the first book in the Caster & Fleet Victorian mystery series, is on offer for 99p/99c in ebook this week (ending July 4) instead of the usual 2.99/3.99 price (US/UK only). But that’s not all – we’ve also reduced the price of the next two books in the series!Continue reading “Shenanigans! Caster & Fleet are on discount this week!”

It’s (nearly) Kindlemas!

For the last few years I’ve put together some ebook offers to run over the Christmas and New Year period. After all, once you’ve bought and wrapped all the presents, done all the prep and cooked the holiday dinner, you deserve to put your feet up and treat yourself with a book or two! SoContinue reading “It’s (nearly) Kindlemas!”

Just for today – a free children’s book bundle!

Regular readers (hello, you three) will know that I usually write mysteries. However, I sometimes write for children. And as it’s getting towards Christmas, I’ve teamed up with three other authors to bring you a FREE bundle of 4 Christmas-themed children’s ebooks! That’s right, FREE – but the offer is only available TODAY. So ifContinue reading “Just for today – a free children’s book bundle!”

A new book – and a competition too!

I took a day off between book edits this week, and spent it sorting out the book cover and blurb for Pippa Parker book 6. I’m not sure this qualifies as a day off in the normal sense of the word, but hey. Anyway, here it is! Announcing Pippa Parker book 6, Past Tense, launching JuneContinue reading “A new book – and a competition too!”

#EscapeWithABook Week 8: School’s Out

It’s Week 8 of #EscapeWithABook, and this week’s a bit different because I have a FREEBIE for you! School’s Out is a longish short story which I wrote as a bit of a warm-up for Pippa Parker book 6. It’s a very gentle, cosy mystery which features a few of the characters you may haveContinue reading “#EscapeWithABook Week 8: School’s Out”

Kindlemas starts today – check out my Christmas offers!

Christmas is a time for giving, and all that… Well, I have some presents for you, starting today, and everyone’s on the nice list! For anyone who’s using a screen reader, here are the offers (all in ebook). Click on the global links at the end to view each book on Amazon. * A ChristmasContinue reading “Kindlemas starts today – check out my Christmas offers!”

Free book, cheap book, and two book fairs to explore!

It’s like buses – you think you’ve scheduled various things with decent gaps between them, and only later do you realise that actually they’re all coming along together. Or maybe that’s just me. Anyway, here are some offers I have going on today and for the next few days: One of my Halloween Sherlock novelettes, Sherlock HolmesContinue reading “Free book, cheap book, and two book fairs to explore!”

Free Tulips this weekend!

Giveaway time! To celebrate the imminent launch of The Case of the Crystal Kisses, the sixth and final book in the Caster & Fleet Victorian mystery series (13th August for the ebook, since you ask), Paula Harmon and I are giving away the ebook of the series opener, The Case of the Black Tulips. It’s FREE allContinue reading “Free Tulips this weekend!”

Nothing says Christmas like a free murder (or two!): Bookmas sale starts today!

In accordance with tradition (OK, I did it last year), I’m offering a chunk of my books at a discount or even free, starting today and going through to Twelfth Night. Here is the list: Today I’m offering the first ebook in the Pippa Parker cozy mysteries series, Murder at the Playgroup, for FREE. It’s neverContinue reading “Nothing says Christmas like a free murder (or two!): Bookmas sale starts today!”

Free creepiness! The Case of the Snow-White Lady is FREE 24-28 October

What else can I say? As it’s coming up to Halloween, I’ve made the first ebook in my Halloween Sherlock series, The Case of the Snow-White Lady, free for a few days. If you enjoy it, maybe consider trying the next two, or even the box set which has an exclusive new short story featuring a character youContinue reading “Free creepiness! The Case of the Snow-White Lady is FREE 24-28 October”