2022 and all that: a review of my writing and publishing year

2022 has been quite a year – I think we can all agree on that. I’ve spent a fair portion of it with my jaw on the floor at what the government have got up to. However, that’s not what I’m here for. On to the review! It’s been an odd year, writing and publishing-wise.Continue reading “2022 and all that: a review of my writing and publishing year”

The Case of the Four Fingers – out now!

Yes, it’s a surprise new book! I wrote a blog a short while ago about the story that came out of nowhere – Out of the blue: a new Halloween tale – and here it is! The Case of the Four Fingers is a paranormal mystery novella, just right for this time of year. It’s availableContinue reading “The Case of the Four Fingers – out now!”

Out of the blue: a new Halloween tale

I’m working on a new and unexpected story. I’m sure there are authors who schedule what they’re going to write when and actually stick to it, but I don’t seem to be one of them. You see, I went on a Heritage Open Day earlier this month. Well, I went on a few, but thisContinue reading “Out of the blue: a new Halloween tale”

It’s my 3-year self-publiversary today! 12 reflections…

I noticed about halfway through this morning, in the midst of running errands and nothing much to do with writing, that today is my 3-year self-publiversary. My first self-pubbed book launched on 1 April 2016 (I picked that date for a reason, honest!), and hey, here I still am. I published a post for myContinue reading “It’s my 3-year self-publiversary today! 12 reflections…”

Box set Friday – and it’s launch day for The Sherlock & Jack Chronicles!

Well, if there’s an R in the month I figure I should probably release something 😉 .  Seriously, though, I’ve been wanting to put together the three books from the Sherlock & Jack series pretty much since I finished the draft of A Phoenix Rises last summer, so here it is! OK, I admit the cover design isContinue reading “Box set Friday – and it’s launch day for The Sherlock & Jack Chronicles!”

Coming on January 1 – A Phoenix Rises!

I can’t decide whether I should call this my last book release of 2018 or my first of 2019 – but anyway, here it is! A Phoenix Rises, the third book in the Sherlock & Jack novella series, will launch in ebook on 1st January and is available to preorder now. It follows on, after a gapContinue reading “Coming on January 1 – A Phoenix Rises!”

Not the NaNo’Clock News

Please forgive the pun-tastic title, but I can’t help it. You see, it’s November, NaNoWriMo month, and other people are posting on social media and blogging about their super word counts and how far they’ve got with their stories and how they feel it’s all coming together. Normally at this stage of the year, I’dContinue reading “Not the NaNo’Clock News”

Happy self-publiversary to me!

I only noticed this about half an hour ago (it’s latish afternoon here in the UK), but today is my 30-month or 2.5-year self-publiversary! Yes, two and a half years ago I unleashed The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes on an unsuspecting world, and then, well, I just kept going. 30 months feels like a long timeContinue reading “Happy self-publiversary to me!”

Roll up, roll up for the Mystery & Thriller Book Fair!

Who doesn’t love the fair? Candy floss, sweets, fast food, fast rides… Hmm, that could lead to trouble. On second thoughts, I think I might stay home with a book. That’s what’s great about this fair! It’s all books! Mysteries and thrillers, to be exact, and they’re all 99c/99p! And yes, my first-in-series Sherlock HolmesContinue reading “Roll up, roll up for the Mystery & Thriller Book Fair!”

Kerchinnngg! It’s a Thanksgiving book sale!

I decided to take the plunge this year and do a multi-book promotion covering Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I’m intrigued to see what happens! Here’s what I’ll be discounting to 99c/99p and when. Unfortunately, because I’m doing this via Kindle Countdown Deals, these discounts apply in the US and UK only. *takes aContinue reading “Kerchinnngg! It’s a Thanksgiving book sale!”