Firewords, Thursday and Mirrors, oh my!

It’s like buses, you wait for ages and then three come along at once!

Firewords Quarterly

I’m full of a cold and battling with the paperback edition of A Jar Of Thursday, but I’ve been cheered today by the arrival of some very fine book post courtesy of Firewords. This is issue 7, Dark/Light, and yes, it does have 2 covers!

As the card implies, I’m in it with a flash story called ‘The Projectionist’. As ever, the magazine is absolutely beautiful – and for the first time, a story of mine has been illustrated! If you’d like to see more, head to for a look inside and ordering information.

A Jar Of Thursday review and interview

Also today, A Jar Of Thursday is featured on Anya Kimlin’s blog. There’s a lovely review of the book, and a Q&A which was heaps of fun – I do like an unusual question or two! Follow the link to read my answers:

ICYMI – A House Of Mirrors at Kindle Scout

OK, so I cheated slightly because this one’s an in-case-you-missed-it!


I’ve enrolled my next book, A House Of Mirrors, in the Kindle Scout programme. Visit the link below to see the cover, book description, and read the first few chapters before the book’s even published!

If you like the sneak preview, please consider nominating the book, and also sharing the link with anyone else who might enjoy it. Nomination is free (you just click the ‘Nominate me’ button). You can choose up to 3 books at a time, and if the book you nominate is selected for publication by Kindle Press, you receive a free ebook copy. 

I’ve had a great time browsing and nominating books at Kindle Scout; the site is well worth a visit.

I think that’s quite enough for one day! Back to the formatting – see you next time!

The featured image is Buses by Les Chatfield and is shared under Creative Commons license 2.0.

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