NaNoWriMo: remembering the first time!

Do you NaNo? I haven’t this year, but I can still remember the first time. That makes it sound as if it was decades ago. It was actually in 2015 – but that seems like a VERY long time ago now! I’ve written so much since then… If you’re reading this and saying ‘Hang on,Continue reading “NaNoWriMo: remembering the first time!”

Omnibus alert! Mrs Hudson & Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Series launches today

I do like a box set… As the Mrs Hudson & Sherlock Holmes series is now complete (I’m not saying there won’t be spinoffs, mind), I decided it made sense to offer a box set. For Kindle Unlimited readers, the whole series takes up one slot instead of 3, and for ebook buyers, it’s theContinue reading “Omnibus alert! Mrs Hudson & Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Series launches today”

Re-covering a book series

‘You can’t judge a book by its cover’ is a saying you’ve probably heard many times, but I firmly believe that most people do – me included! While I was writing A Spider’s Web, book three in my Mrs Hudson and Sherlock Holmes series, I made a decision to get new covers for the series.Continue reading “Re-covering a book series”

On unreliable narrators and alternative worlds

We finally got round to watching Cruella last weekend. We had thought of seeing the film when it first came out and paying for priority access, but I had suggested that we wait, since I wasn’t sure whether we’d like it. As it turns out, we really enjoyed it. When I looked on Wikipanion later,Continue reading “On unreliable narrators and alternative worlds”

A longer journey: embarking on a bigger book

Today’s blog is slightly different from the norm, as I’m embarking on something slightly bigger. I’m writing a bigger book. This probably doesn’t sound that big a deal, but to me it feels like one! So I thought I’d write about it, just in case anyone else: feels the same way is thinking about writingContinue reading “A longer journey: embarking on a bigger book”

It’s (nearly) Kindlemas!

For the last few years I’ve put together some ebook offers to run over the Christmas and New Year period. After all, once you’ve bought and wrapped all the presents, done all the prep and cooked the holiday dinner, you deserve to put your feet up and treat yourself with a book or two! SoContinue reading “It’s (nearly) Kindlemas!”

#EscapeWithABook Week 1: A House of Mirrors

Hello there, and I hope you’re well. Things are odd, and no mistake. I hope you’re all keeping well, and managing in this strange new world of ours. At the moment, I’m doing my best to keep busy, to stop myself from constant news-checking and clicking on unhelpful stuff, and I imagine many of you areContinue reading “#EscapeWithABook Week 1: A House of Mirrors”

New year, same goals…

At least I’m getting in with the new year’s goals post quicker than I did last year! I won’t get into whether it’s a new decade or not because people will start squabbling, so let’s move along. Here’s a recap of last year’s goals: Work smarter, not harder  Try some new things  Get fitter  2019Continue reading “New year, same goals…”

Kindlemas starts today – check out my Christmas offers!

Christmas is a time for giving, and all that… Well, I have some presents for you, starting today, and everyone’s on the nice list! For anyone who’s using a screen reader, here are the offers (all in ebook). Click on the global links at the end to view each book on Amazon. * A ChristmasContinue reading “Kindlemas starts today – check out my Christmas offers!”

Here she comes! It’s launch day for In Sherlock’s Shadow…

It’s launch day for the sequel to A House of Mirrors – In Sherlock’s Shadow! The second instalment of Nell Hudson’s adventures is available now in ebook, and, all being well, will be out in paperback later this week. The ebook is £3.99/$3.99; paperback price to be confirmed. As usual, the book will also be available to readContinue reading “Here she comes! It’s launch day for In Sherlock’s Shadow…”