#ShortStorySunday: ‘Life To The Full’

So, back in August I entered a local writing competition run by Stockton Heath Writers Group. As I’ve been concentrating on longer writing, I felt rather rusty – 1200 words seemed to go by in a flash! However, I polished up three stories while I was on holiday and sent them on their way. I must admit that it was rather nice to take a break from the 19th century…

Then, on the last day of September, I received the lovely news that I’d won! I think as someone who self-publishes, the news means more because it’s an external validation that my stuff is worth writing. And to add to the pleasure, my friend Geraldine Snape won the poetry prize!

Anyway, enough rambling. If you’d like to read the winning entries (ooh, that feels good to write!) visit the link below. You can find more info about the Stockton Heath Writers Group there too.


The featured image is electronic circuit board by Creativity103, and is shared under Creative Commons license 2.0.

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