Have you received a gazillion emails this week titled ‘We don’t want to lose you?’ Yeah, me too. To be honest, I’m enjoying the opportunity to repeatedly ignore some of the increasingly desperate pleas; the ones from companies I don’t think I’ve ever signed up to get mail from. Anyway, GDPR – the General DataContinue reading “GDPR”

Books AND wine gums? Lemme at ’em!

This morning finds me full of cold, woolly-headed, and quite possibly buried under a thick blanket of snow. But I still have a blog post for you, since I’m a guest at Emma Moyle’s Books and Wine Gums blog this weekend! How lucky is that? To visit Emma’s super blog, and read my Q&A, just follow theContinue reading “Books AND wine gums? Lemme at ’em!”

What lies beneath Halloween Sherlock…another guest post!

I’ve been playing away again, I’m afraid… This time I’m at paranormal author Catherine Green’s blog, talking about what inspired my Halloween Sherlock series – which, as usual, was never intended to be a series at all. There’s also news about a Halloween takeover I’m participating in as part of the launch for C.L. Monaghan’s new book, MidnightContinue reading “What lies beneath Halloween Sherlock…another guest post!”

Something for the weekend

‘Whoa, what’s that?’ I hear you cry. ‘What’s that picture with Book News over the top of it?’ Only I’m sure you expressed it so much better than I just did. Just a couple of things to take us into the weekend. The first is that I have a Kindle Countdown Deal running on my SherlockContinue reading “Something for the weekend”

New-look Wordster!

Welcome to the new-look Wordster! I’ve been thinking about overhauling this site for a while. I’m not quite sure what prompted it; perhaps a growing realisation that other sites I was visiting were less busy, less bright, more modern-looking. When I checked up on the theme and saw it was called Twenty Thirteen – well,Continue reading “New-look Wordster!”

An approaching bookiversary

I did have a vague feeling that something was coming up! It’s very nearly a year since the launch of The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes, and Facebook very helpfully put a memory in front of me a couple of days ago…the moment when I cleared my throat and announced that I had a book comingContinue reading “An approaching bookiversary”

Firewords, Thursday and Mirrors, oh my!

It’s like buses, you wait for ages and then three come along at once! Firewords Quarterly I’m full of a cold and battling with the paperback edition of A Jar Of Thursday, but I’ve been cheered today by the arrival of some very fine book post courtesy of Firewords. This is issue 7, Dark/Light, and yes, itContinue reading “Firewords, Thursday and Mirrors, oh my!”

A Case of Identity

Notice anything different? Yes, I have had a haircut, but I meant on the blog. New name, new header. Renaming this blog is something I’ve been thinking about for a while. When I started the blog I wasn’t sure what I would be writing about, beyond the first few posts. In the absence of aContinue reading “A Case of Identity”