What’s big and out of control? My reading pile

Recently I realised that I’ve been using the phrase ‘my reading pile’ more and more; generally when adding things to it, or complaining at the size of it (and whose fault is that?). So I’ve decided to confront my reading pile.

The first point about my reading pile is that there isn’t just one. It grew too big for my bedside table, and then it colonised a shelf in the study/home office. Once it had a foothold there, the study pile expanded to three separate piles.

For illustrative purposes, I’ve collected all the books together. Big, isn’t it?

Version 2

The 26 books in the pile occupy several different categories:

  • Some are presents which I haven’t quite got to yet
  • Some are secondhand bargains which I’ve picked up in the last six months
  • Some are books I read years ago, which I’ve pulled out from the shelves when looking for something else entirely
  • Some are prizes I’ve won (I don’t know why, but I feel most guilty about not reading these ones immediately)
  • One is there for research purposes
  • Three are story anthologies which I have pieces in (hey there, FlashDogs!)

Current status: I’ve just read The Invisible Library and Sisterland, and reviewed them on Goodreads, and I have Solstice : Light, Becoming Johnny Vegas, Ulysses, and The Hidden Persuaders on the go. However, having seen this photo, I definitely need to try and manage the reading pile better. So here are my newly-made reading resolutions – and now I’m telling you, I might even keep them:

  • Only 3 books on the go at a time (ahem, after I finish The Hidden Persuaders)
  • A ‘two out, one in’ policy, replacing the current ‘one out, add several’ guidance
  • A maximum of 15 books in the pile – yeah, right!

What’s in your reading pile? Is it under better control than mine? Shelfies, please!

6 thoughts on “What’s big and out of control? My reading pile

  1. Looks good to me. I have a dedicated shelf in our bedroom for my books to read. There are 18 on it and currently 5 books on the go at the moment! Never a dull moment…. no wonder I never get around to writing anything!

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