Funny business: The Lacomic Cup

I can’t quite believe it, but I’m one of the final 8 competitors in Round 3 of the HeadStuff Lacomic Cup!

And the Lacomic Cup would be…? Well, it’s a comic short story competition. Each round has a different requirement to meet, but the stories always have to be between 250-300 words, and funny.

Once the stories are in, they are paired up in a head to head. There’s a new judge each round, AND the public can also vote for their favourites, which leads to prizes for both authors and voters. Books! Lovely books!

Sorry, I got slightly distracted there. Where it gets really interesting is that, from Round 2, each author who makes it through to the next round gets a prize of 200 euros. Yup. That was a VERY nice surprise on Monday morning!

So I’m doing my best to be funny, which is quite a subjective thing, and hoping that the judge shares my sense of humour – well, someone has to!

The stories so far:

  • Round 1: ‘Policy Policy’ (story has to begin and end with the same sentence or phrase)
  • Round 2: ‘Is that you? It’s me!’ (story has to be about the internet, without using the words internet, net or web)
  • Round 3 (current): ‘A Shaggy Dog Story’ (story must be set in a hotel and include at least 3 characters with dialogue)

So if you fancy reading some funny stories, and a chance of winning some books, why not pop down to The Lacomic Cup. Apart from being an autocorrect nightmare (Laconic again! Aargh!), it’s a fun place to be.

The featured image is a screen grab of the lovely Lacomic Cup logo. Visit, read and vote at

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