My reading pile: an update

It’s been just over two months since I wrote about my reading pile, and I hoped that by now I would be able to report real progress, especially as I’ve been on holiday.


Here’s the original photo from August 5:

Version 2

Here’s the rogue’s gallery today:


An observant person might note that it’s a fraction smaller; the pile has shrunk from 26 to 19. Here are the ones that have been assimilated into the wider bookshelves. You’ll note that they are some of the slimmer volumes but hey, got to start somewhere:


On holiday I also read The Tipping Point and Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy, as they were on the shelves in the house we stayed at. If you haven’t read Mad About the Boy, I won’t suggest that you do. Oh, and I read a PG Wodehouse from the library – The Inimitable Jeeves.

The next book I’m going to tackle is this:


At this point you may be thinking ‘That’s not bad; 7 books read, almost down to that 15-books-in-the-pile target she set last time’. I should leave you with that thought. However, I have a confession. On holiday, and since then, I have not only read books. I have bought books:


OK, two of the books in that pile were prizes, not bought; but the only way I can tackle the existing reading pile is by not adding these books into it until a few more have gone. We’ll call this the unofficial or reserve pile, maybe. It doesn’t include the books my husband has bought, several of which I have my eye on, because – well, it just doesn’t.

Except that isn’t all of it. These beauties arrived in a big box from the lovely people at the Lacomic Cup!


I think perhaps I need a 12-step program…talk about falling off the book wagon!

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