It’s cover reveal time again! Please rise for Murder in the Choir!


To be honest I feel slightly fraudulent making a song and dance about this cover, because it’s one of the quickest so far. Never mind, eh.

May I introduce you to the cover for Murder in the Choir, the second book in the Pippa Parker Mysteries series!

Choir ebook flat final with line

If you’ve seen the cover for Murder at the Playgroup you might recognise some of the elements; the Murder font, the script font, and the blue sky. I wanted to keep the same cartoony feel, and originally I’d thought of having musical notes representing the characters. However, when I posted the draft in a Facebook group for cozy mystery writers, most people weren’t keen on the notes. One inspired person suggested singing snowmen, and, well, here we are. I also added a key to the stave behind Choir – any guesses?!

A quick nod for the credits – the fonts are Edo, Nimbus and Dancing Script, all available from Font Squirrel, and the vectors come from Click the links to see more.

And the book itself? Well, it’s currently passing through betas etc, but the aim is… by Christmas! Eek! Watch this space!

The featured image is National Sor Juana Festival Houston 2007 by Mario, and is shared by permission of Creative Commons license 2.0.

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