What makes a book cover?

I've been posting the cover of A Jar of Thursday quite a bit in social media lately - Whoops, sorry, finger must have slipped 😉 Anyway, while I've put a credits section in the back of the book, it struck me that to be fair I should also share the credits via social media. And as the … Continue reading What makes a book cover?

What’s A Jar of Thursday and how can I get one?

I'm very happy to announce that, slightly earlier than anticipated, A Jar of Thursday is available to pre-order as an ebook on Amazon, and launches on Thursday 29 September! What's a jar of Thursday? Well, of course you'll have to read the book to find out, but it's a novella, a sequel to one of the stories … Continue reading What’s A Jar of Thursday and how can I get one?

Cover reveal: Coming soon…Bitesize!

Well, I did say I was finalising another book cover...and here it is! Say hello to Bitesize! Bitesize is a collection of flash fiction: no stories over 500 words have been allowed in (and neither has Sherlock Holmes!). Something which stuck with me from Chris Beckett's introduction to FlashDogs: Volume 2 was his comparison of a short story … Continue reading Cover reveal: Coming soon…Bitesize!

Book cover boost

Just dropping in to share some feedback I got for the Secret Notebook cover. I know, it's a bit sad, but I really am properly chuffed. On a whim, I submitted the e-book cover for The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes to the monthly e-Book Cover Design Awards, run by none other than Joel Friedlander, book designer … Continue reading Book cover boost

6 things I learnt while making my book cover…

Yes, I admit it. In spite of all the advice about not making your own book cover and getting a proper designer/cover artist/using an appropriate stock photo/getting a quality premade cover, I went ahead and designed my own. Here's why: I had a very strong idea of how I wanted the cover to look. The … Continue reading 6 things I learnt while making my book cover…

Roll credits! The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes

The cover credits section in The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes includes just the necessary acknowledgements for the resources I used in making the book cover. However, I wanted to provide a more comprehensive list for anyone who might want to use the same resources for their own cover or ebook. Apologies if this reads like the end … Continue reading Roll credits! The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes