What makes a book cover?

I've been posting the cover of A Jar of Thursday quite a bit in social media lately - Whoops, sorry, finger must have slipped 😉 Anyway, while I've put a credits section in the back of the book, it struck me that to be fair I should also share the credits via social media. And as the … Continue reading What makes a book cover?

6 things I learnt while making my book cover…

Yes, I admit it. In spite of all the advice about not making your own book cover and getting a proper designer/cover artist/using an appropriate stock photo/getting a quality premade cover, I went ahead and designed my own. Here's why: I had a very strong idea of how I wanted the cover to look. The … Continue reading 6 things I learnt while making my book cover…

Introducing…the Secret Notebook Pinterest board!

I had a lot of fun researching The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes. Something I wanted to do as part of the book was provide links to a few of the sources I used, and information for anyone who might want to explore further. I present...*drumroll*...the Secret Notebook Pinterest board! It's hyperlinked at the back of the ebook, … Continue reading Introducing…the Secret Notebook Pinterest board!

Roll credits! Ether Flash Fortnight image credits

Here are the credits and attributions for all images I used in the making of promotional images for my flash fiction collection on Ether> I have also included a credit for non-standard fonts. In My End Is My Beginning: the original photo is by photophilde and is called Stormy sky at the beach. I found it via … Continue reading Roll credits! Ether Flash Fortnight image credits