‘Playlist: Super Trouper’ in today’s Guardian!

As you can probably tell, I’m just a tiny bit excited. I have an article in the Guardian newspaper today!

I get the Saturday Guardian most weekends, and in the Family section they run little pieces about photos, records and recipes. I wrote my piece, about Abba’s Super Trouper, maybe three weeks ago, sent it to the email address in the paper, didn’t get an auto-reply, assumed it was under a heap of other emails, and got on with my life. On Monday I received a ‘thank-you-for-your-submission-we’ll-let-you-know’ sort of email, and thought, ‘wow, they must be full up if even the acknowledgement email takes a fortnight.’ Then, late on Thursday, I received another email to let me know that my piece would be published in today’s newspaper! I’ve had to sit on my hands for a day and a half, just in case it didn’t happen or I’d dreamt the whole thing. But here it is! Mine’s the bit in the middle.


Hope you enjoy it! And as a bonus item, here’s a link to the video.

One thought on “‘Playlist: Super Trouper’ in today’s Guardian!

  1. Congratulations Liz. Your piece reads well. Sometimes these things are just meant to happen! I’m sure Bjorn, Agnetha, Frida and Benny are happy for you too. 🙂 Warm wishes, Nicky


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