‘Unflinching’: a tale of one man and his dog

You know when you see a prompt and think ‘I have GOT to write something for this’? Well, I came across a link on Twitter to a Writing Places flash competition on the subject of Thomas Hardy and his pets. OK, maybe not everyone would have that reaction…but I’ve loved Hardy’s work, novels, poems, stories, the lot, for many years. I’ve even read The Dynasts. So I wrote a story; and yesterday I had a lovely email from Kate at Writing Places to say I’d won. Big smiley face.

If you’d like to read my story, here it is: http://writingplaces.org/2015/10/01/flash-fiction-winner-september/. Please do your best to ignore my big smiley face at the top of the story, they made me send a photo!

The featured image is Gatsby, the wire fox terrier, looking cute by AHLN, and it is shared by permission of Creative Commons license 2.0. No changes were made. I’m sure that Gatsby is better behaved than Wessex!

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