Egg Hunt 2016: The Quest for the Easter Bunny

After last year's egg hunt with rhyming clues, I felt I might have painted myself into a corner. This year, therefore, I've written a little story which has the clues incorporated into it, called 'The Quest for the Easter Bunny'. To stage the egg hunt you'll need 7 envelopes, a printer, and some mini eggs (larger … Continue reading Egg Hunt 2016: The Quest for the Easter Bunny

‘Playlist: Super Trouper’ in today’s Guardian!

As you can probably tell, I'm just a tiny bit excited. I have an article in the Guardian newspaper today! I get the Saturday Guardian most weekends, and in the Family section they run little pieces about photos, records and recipes. I wrote my piece, about Abba's Super Trouper, maybe three weeks ago, sent it to the email address in … Continue reading ‘Playlist: Super Trouper’ in today’s Guardian!