Shenanigans! Caster & Fleet are on offer this weekend!

The short version of this post is that The Case of the Black Tulips, the first book in the Caster & Fleet series, is on offer for 99p/99c this weekend in several Amazon stores, instead of the usual 2.99/3.99 price.

So why are there 3 books in the picture, you may be asking.


A little while ago, I thought about applying for a Bookbub promotion.

Bookbub is like the unicorn of book promotion. Rumours and tips about snagging a Bookbub Featured Deal are shared in author groups – how many reviews you need, how many online bookstores your book should be available in, what you should put in the ‘any other info’ box… People talk about getting a Bookbub on their tenth, twenty-fifth, fortieth try. Seriously.

So I assumed it would take a while to get one.

In some ways that made it easier. If you know it’s a really long shot, it makes it easier to just do it, because no-one will think badly of you if it doesn’t happen first time. So I applied for an international BookBub (that’s UK, Australia, Canada and India) for The Case of the Black Tulips.

And 3 days later, I got the acceptance email. Taken aback doesn’t begin to describe it!

So today, and for the next few days, you can get The Case of the Black Tulips in ebook for 99p/99c/65 rupees if you shop in the UK, Australia, Canada or India Amazon stores.

But that isn’t all. To help with read-through to the rest of the series, we’re also offering Book 2, The Case of the Runaway Client, for 99p in the UK, as a Kindle Countdown Deal.

And Book 3, The Case of the Deceased Clerk, will be at £1.99 in the UK from 27 May to 2 June. I just wish I could run them in more Amazon stores, but there you go.

So in summary:

  • The Case of the Black Tulips (book 1) – 99p/99c in UK, Australia, Canada, India

  • The Case of the Runaway Client (book 2) – 99p in UK

  • The Case of the Deceased Clerk (book 3) – 1.99 in UK from 27 May-2 June

  • It’s always worth trying, because you never know!

And here are the global Amazon store links:

The Case of the Black Tulips

The Case of the Runaway Client

The Case of the Deceased Clerk

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