A late spring clean! Website updated

OK, May is a bit late for a spring clean…but overhauling my website is one of those jobs which I eye warily, hoping it might go away if I don’t look at it directly.

The last time we moved house one of the things we found was that the house had 3 fuseboxes – as it got extended they’d just been added on, rather than get a whole new fusebox. That’s kind of how my website felt – lots of bits and bobs added at different times, and not really fitting together as a whole any more.

So today I braced myself, made a list on the back of an envelope, and rolled my sleeves up. Some of the older content has gone, I’ve merged a couple of pages, and hopefully it’s both more streamlined and more cheerful.

Come and have a look around, why don’t you? All feedback welcomed!

My shiny new website

The featured image is Down With Rainbows! by JD Hancock, and it is shared via Creative Commons license 2.0.

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