Vennsday: #amediting

Look away, nothing to see here…

drafts Venn.001

Editing has finally begun in earnest on the middle-grade book I’m writing, AKA the hot potato. I’ve got past the point of vaguely researching bits and pieces, and things have advanced to printing out a chapter at a time and scribbling all over it. Did I really write that? Did I use the same verb in succession to describe the walk of two different characters?

Oh yes. Guilty as charged. So I decided to do a Venn diagram now, before I reach the point of utter despair at my handiwork. The best I can offer is that I think it’s getting better. Though that could be the ramblings of a diseased mind.

One thought on “Vennsday: #amediting

  1. Alex Hurst

    It’s okay~ first drafts will always look like that Venn diagram. Later, though, you’ll have to change it to reflect the “It must be PERFECT!” syndrome… 😉


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