#NaNoWriMo week 3-and-a-bit: In which I try not to run to the finish!

Having moved at the pace of a glacier made of treacle last week, this week I have been STEAMING through the post-it notes of my plot. To the extent that I did wonder midweek whether I might get to the end before the end, if you see what I mean.

I’ve had fun planting a few more clues, adding a red herring or two (I broke off in the middle of a lovely one when I finished my words-for-the-day this morning), and of course, putting my protagonist Pippa into a flat spin at the end of Act 2.

For now we are in Act 3, and I’m gathering all the threads together in preparation for tying a nice neat bow hopefully some time this week. I’d love to get the draft completely finished within the month, but given I’ve been doing various non-NaNoWriMo things as well (see my last two posts), I won’t mind too much if I don’t end the book on the 30th.

But I WILL get to 50K. Just over 6000 words to go now, and a day with no tutoring tomorrow. Walk, don’t run.

NaNo Stats:

  • Words: 43,885
  • Writing days: 26/26 (at least I’m consistent)
  • Dodgy additions to internet search history for research purposes: nothing. My last search was whether an 8-month old would be able to drink from a baby bottle unaided. I shall have to go for it this week.
  • Murders: still 0. Tsk. Maybe I’ll add another INCIDENT before wrapping this up!
  • Cups of tea: I ought to have the caffeine jitters.
  • Number of times I have had to remove the cat from my lap: waaaaayy too many.

This week’s NaNoRhiNo has possibly been in the bath a bit too long!

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