Watch out! Murder At The Playgroup goes live!

It’s launch day!

Murder At The Playgroup is available to buy as an ebook on Amazon – it’s currently on offer at 99c/99p – and free to read for Kindle Unlimited subscribers!

Visit the book on Amazon

Murder At The Playgroup is a short, light, hopefully funny cosy mystery. It’s also a bit of a departure for me:

a) it’s contemporary, not Victorian

b) Sherlock Holmes isn’t in it (well OK, someone mentions him!)

c) it’s written in the third person.

However, I enjoyed writing it very much, and luckily my beta readers enjoyed it too. I’ve already started writing the next one!

Book description:

Pippa Parker never wanted to move to the chocolate-box village of Much Gadding in the first place. When she meets the locals, she’s absolutely sure. There’s just one problem; she’s 8 months pregnant.

The village is turned upside down when Barbara Hamilton, pillar of the community, is found dead at Gadding Goslings playgroup. No one could have murdered her except the people who were there. Everyone’s a suspect, including Pippa…

With a baby due any minute, and hampered by her toddler son, can Pippa unmask the murderer? Will Much Gadding return to normal? And does anyone in Much Gadding even know what normal is?

This is the first cozy mystery featuring Pippa Parker, mum and amateur sleuth, and set in the quiet but eccentric English village of Much Gadding.

Add Murder At The Playgroup to your Goodreads reading list: Murder At The Playgroup

Click here to read the beginning of Murder At The Playgroup

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