White Rhino Books

White Rhino Books is my publishing imprint. Here’s a little bit about how it came to be…

When I was going through the process of getting The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes ready for ebook publication, it struck me that I would like the book’s publishers to be an imprint name, rather than me. I did some research online, including this very useful blog post by Debbie Young, and found that there was no reason why I couldn’t invent and use my own publishing imprint. And White Rhino Books was born.

I loved the process of producing my own book:

  • editing and proofing; I had a wonderful proofreader go over the book too, and he found one error 😉
  • designing the covers for the ebook and paperback
  • formatting the interior for both versions

People seem to like the end result, and I’m pretty pleased with it too:


Since then I’ve written and published a few more books; have a look at the right-hand side of the page for examples!

If you’d like to know more about White Rhino Books, drop me a line. Currently I only publish my own books under the WRB imprint, but I’d be happy to discuss ebook formatting or proofreading with you, if you’re looking for a service provider.

If you’re interested in buying paperback books from me directly, signed or not, contact me with what you’d like and I can sort you out a price and postage. I can usually go cheaper than Amazon, particularly for bulk orders. 😉