Where do I start reading?

Since the names of my book series don’t necessarily tell you what sort of books you’re going to get, I decided to put a few clues here!

All the series names in bold type below link to the series page on this website.

  • I write mysteries, primarily, and almost all of them have at least a touch of humour. They also generally have female protagonists.
  • If you like contemporary cozy-style mysteries in a small-town/village setting (e.g. Agatha Raisin), you might like the Pippa Parker Mysteries.
  • If you like contemporary mysteries with a little bit of magic, check out my new Magical Bookshop series.
  • If you enjoy Victorian historical mysteries, try the Caster & Fleet Mysteries. These are set in 1890s London and revolve around a female detective duo, their relationships, and their families.
  • Closely related (and in fact, a spinoff series) are the Maisie Frobisher Mysteries. These are also set in the 1890s, but Maisie starts off on a cruise and ends up in India, and there’s more than a hint of romance along the way…
  • I have three separate Sherlock Holmes series (yes I know, it really wasn’t intentional).
    • If you like slightly darker, full length novels with a twist, try the Mrs Hudson & Sherlock Holmes series, which is written from the perspective of Mrs Hudson.
    • If you like fast-moving novellas with humour and dark moments, which fill in sneaky little gaps in the canon, try the Sherlock & Jack series. This grew out of my first book, The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes, which is a collection of short humorous stories exploring some of Holmes’s hitherto unknown cases…
    • And if you fancy quick reads which are pretty much traditional Sherlock Holmes with a trend towards the spooky and dark, try the Halloween Sherlock novelettes.

And there you have it! All of my books are available in ebook and paperback, and almost all are available in Kindle Unlimited. I’ve also put a link to the free Amazon ebook preview on most pages, or you can order a free ebook sample and read the beginning.

Happy exploring!