The Case of the Four Fingers

My surprise ghost mystery novella! It’s sort of contemporary, sort of historical, and set in a haunted police station. But of course!

Where did this book come from? Well, I went on a Heritage Open Day tour of a former police station which is reputed to be haunted. How could I turn that down when it came knocking at my door?

Let’s just say that the cogs were whirring as we walked around. The next day, I did a bit of research and jotted down some plot points for a 10-15K story. However, when I came to write it, the story got longer … and I have a distinct feeling that this will become a series.

Here’s the blurb:

Meet a detective duo – a century apart!

When new constable Steph is sent to mark time at a Liverpool police station on the verge of closing, she sees it as the death of her career. Then she meets Nora, the hundred-year-old ghost of a police officer, who’s determined to get a few more cases under her belt.

Together they investigate the Case of the Four Fingers, a macabre episode which has haunted Nora for over sixty years. It resulted in a young man’s death – and never went to trial.

However, Steph finds this cold case the least of her problems: having a ghost colleague isn’t easy. Nora’s bossy, out of step with modern life, and has a habit of disappearing whenever her boss turns up. Finally, Steph learns something that makes her question their whole relationship.

Can Steph and Nora learn to trust each other? Will they solve the case before the police station is sold to developers? And what will happen if they do?

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