Book birthday – and a giveaway!

It's no April Fool - The Secret Notebook Of Sherlock Holmes is one year old today! *plays slightly out-of-tune chord on violin* (it's been a while) To celebrate, the ebook is 99c/99p/equivalent on Amazon today (Saturday 1 April) - plus I'm running a paperback giveaway! So if you fancy a signed copy, all you have to do for … Continue reading Book birthday – and a giveaway!

An approaching bookiversary

I did have a vague feeling that something was coming up! It's very nearly a year since the launch of The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes, and Facebook very helpfully put a memory in front of me a couple of days ago...the moment when I cleared my throat and announced that I had a book coming … Continue reading An approaching bookiversary

It’s that new year post again

2016 was quite a year. Stranger than fiction in many ways - I feel for dystopian fiction authors and satirists, since they must be wondering where they can go next. However, this particular blog post (the third of its kind, I'm surprised to see) is a review of my writing and other progress in 2016, and … Continue reading It’s that new year post again

The Case of the Bechdel Test: women and Sherlock Holmes

This is a blog post I've been meaning to write for a while. I haven't exactly been avoiding it. It's more that, well, I had a book on Kindle Scout, and then there was NaNoWriMo to do, and a book to launch, etc etc... Anyway, a couple of days ago I was reposting a blog … Continue reading The Case of the Bechdel Test: women and Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock boxset Kindle Countdown Deal on today!

Just dropping in to say that this weekend I have a Kindle Countdown Deal running for the Sherlock boxset I've put together.  The boxset contains The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes and A Jar of Thursday, and right now it's available for 99c at ONLY. Click here to snap yours up: At some point this weekend the … Continue reading Sherlock boxset Kindle Countdown Deal on today!

Sherlock Rules

Of course! But in this case I’m referring to a very interesting afterword I read fairly recently. It’s from Anthony Horowitz’s Sherlock Holmes novel The House of Silk, which is endorsed by the Conan Doyle estate, and in it Horowitz talks about ten rules which he set himself, in order to stay true to the … Continue reading Sherlock Rules

Prepare to launch! It’s Thursday (A Jar Of)!

Is it Thursday? It is? Then it must be book launch day!  I’m delighted to be able to say that  A Jar of Thursday is now available to buy on Amazon for the introductory price of 99p/99c/€0,99, and it’s also free to read on Kindle Unlimited. Just in case you’ve managed to evade my previous mentions of … Continue reading Prepare to launch! It’s Thursday (A Jar Of)!

Thunderclaps and giveaways and discounts, oh my!

A Jar Of Thursday Thunderclap and giveaway Have I mentioned that I've set up a Thunderclap campaign for A Jar Of Thursday? 😉 If you haven't heard of one before, a Thunderclap is a big synchronised social media share, with the purpose of making an impact. As you can see, it's going pretty well, with 72 supporters at … Continue reading Thunderclaps and giveaways and discounts, oh my!

What makes a book cover?

I've been posting the cover of A Jar of Thursday quite a bit in social media lately - Whoops, sorry, finger must have slipped 😉 Anyway, while I've put a credits section in the back of the book, it struck me that to be fair I should also share the credits via social media. And as the … Continue reading What makes a book cover?

A Thursday update: ARCs available!

What a relief! Yesterday I got the last comments from my wonderful proofreader, made the changes, and uploaded the final version (I hope) of A Jar of Thursday to Amazon. I'm a natural fretter, so while I knew I had time to make changes, I still had the what ifs in the back of my mind. What … Continue reading A Thursday update: ARCs available!