Coming on January 1 – A Phoenix Rises!

I can’t decide whether I should call this my last book release of 2018 or my first of 2019 – but anyway, here it is! A Phoenix Rises, the third book in the Sherlock & Jack novella series, will launch in ebook on 1st January and is available to preorder now. It follows on, after a gapContinue reading “Coming on January 1 – A Phoenix Rises!”

Nothing says Christmas like a free murder (or two!): Bookmas sale starts today!

In accordance with tradition (OK, I did it last year), I’m offering a chunk of my books at a discount or even free, starting today and going through to Twelfth Night. Here is the list: Today I’m offering the first ebook in the Pippa Parker cozy mysteries series, Murder at the Playgroup, for FREE. It’s neverContinue reading “Nothing says Christmas like a free murder (or two!): Bookmas sale starts today!”

Never mind Prime Day – freebies for EVERYONE!

Apparently today is Prime Day on Amazon – I’ve lost count of the number of emails I’ve had about it! But why should just Amazon Prime members get all the perks? I’ve made 2 of my ebooks FREE to download today (Monday 16) and tomorrow (Tuesday 17). Read on to get yours! The Secret NotebookContinue reading “Never mind Prime Day – freebies for EVERYONE!”

The 12 Days of Christmas (+1) starting with a FREE book!

Christmas is a time for giving, so I’ve taken that on board and am arranging a sleigh-load of discounts on several of my books, starting today and going through to Twelfth Night. Here’s the list: I’m starting with The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes: the ebook is free on Amazon till Boxing Day (Dec 26!) Download yourContinue reading “The 12 Days of Christmas (+1) starting with a FREE book!”

Kerchinnngg! It’s a Thanksgiving book sale!

I decided to take the plunge this year and do a multi-book promotion covering Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I’m intrigued to see what happens! Here’s what I’ll be discounting to 99c/99p and when. Unfortunately, because I’m doing this via Kindle Countdown Deals, these discounts apply in the US and UK only. *takes aContinue reading “Kerchinnngg! It’s a Thanksgiving book sale!”

Something for the weekend? My 2-book Sherlock box-set is just 99p!

The nights are drawing in. I’ve been caught in the rain on both school runs today. What better time to curl up with a book, especially one on special offer? So I’m running a Kindle Countdown Deal on my 2-ebook set of The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes and A Jar of Thursday. If you’re in the UKContinue reading “Something for the weekend? My 2-book Sherlock box-set is just 99p!”

Thursday discount – literally!

Well, I couldn’t set it for any other day, could I?! A Jar of Thursday, my sort-of sequel to The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes, is just 99p/99c for UK and US readers today, through the magic of the Kindle Countdown Deal. View the book on Amazon A Jar of Thursday clears up the mystery of what happensContinue reading “Thursday discount – literally!”

Season of mists, mellow fruitfulness and Kindle Countdown Deals…

Ah, the leaves are falling and the kids are back at school… To celebrate the wonderful peace and quiet, I’ve scheduled a couple of Kindle Countdown Deals! My first book, The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes, is on discount in the US and UK from today, Thursday 7 September, till Wednesday 13 September. So if you’d like toContinue reading “Season of mists, mellow fruitfulness and Kindle Countdown Deals…”

Something for the weekend

‘Whoa, what’s that?’ I hear you cry. ‘What’s that picture with Book News over the top of it?’ Only I’m sure you expressed it so much better than I just did. Just a couple of things to take us into the weekend. The first is that I have a Kindle Countdown Deal running on my SherlockContinue reading “Something for the weekend”

Books books books!

Today I’m talking about even more books than usual! First of all, Murder At The Playgroup is featuring in 3 book promotions this month: Best Of British and Irish – This showcases books by British and Irish authors, and you can download free excerpts and even whole stories from Instafreebie. Lots of different genres, and the promotionContinue reading “Books books books!”