A QuickFic story: Gap

This Friday I was pretty determined that, unless the prompt rang no creative bells at all, I'd try to get a story in at Faber Academy's QuickFic contest. As it happened, I loved the prompt photo...but my first cobbled-together draft of a story came in at 438 words, and at QuickFic you only get 250 … Continue reading A QuickFic story: Gap

Historic houses, showing and telling

Hello! How are you? I've just about recovered from the combined stresses of two weeks' holiday with the kids followed by getting them off to school with clean paperwork and completed uniforms (or is it the other way round?). At least their feet don't seem to have grown... We had a great holiday in Devon, undeterred … Continue reading Historic houses, showing and telling

A QuickFic story: 10 Rules for the Full Enjoyment of Stately Homes

I've got into the very pleasant habit of writing a story for Faber Academy's QuickFic competition on most Fridays (except for the time when they moved it to Thursday without warning; I was discombobulated). When I saw this week's prompt, just after 10am, a story popped into my head - but I had minimal time … Continue reading A QuickFic story: 10 Rules for the Full Enjoyment of Stately Homes

Faber Academy QuickFic 15/5/15: the winner!

Yes, it is me. Yes, I am absolutely chuffed to bits. First time I've won a writing thing! And yes, of course you can read the story (and the very fine runner-up one by @MrMoth): just click here: http://www.faberacademy.co.uk/news/2015/05/quickfic-150515-winner/ The story is called 'Boys and Girls of Summer', it's a very quick fic indeed at … Continue reading Faber Academy QuickFic 15/5/15: the winner!