The parting of the ways

That title is much more dramatic than this post will be :-)! However, I decided this was something worth writing a little blog about, so here goes. Most of my books – by quite a long way – are books for adults. However, just before the pandemic, I published a picture book for children –Continue reading “The parting of the ways”

4 Easter egg hunts you can do at home

Hi there, Normally we’d be thinking about trips to go on during the Easter break, but, well… In previous years I’ve posted home Easter egg hunts on here, and I figure this year is probably the one to collate all those posts together. The hunts are suitable for kids between about 6-11: younger ones mightContinue reading “4 Easter egg hunts you can do at home”

X marks the spot! A map of Much Gadding

I spent quite a lot of time yesterday drawing a map. This is writing-related, believe it or not, because it’s a map for the new book. I love maps. Simon Garfield’s On The Map is one of my favourite non-fiction books. Atlases, jigsaws, maps in books. When the kids had to do a treasure map for homeworkContinue reading “X marks the spot! A map of Much Gadding”

It’s that time again! Easter Egg Hunt 2017

It’s raining…I have a cold… It must be time for this year’s Easter Egg Hunt! This year I’ve gone for a secret agent / spy theme, so there are codes to crack, an anagram to unscramble, and a fairly rubbish rebus. 5 clues, 5 different puzzles. My kids are 8 and 10 and I reckonContinue reading “It’s that time again! Easter Egg Hunt 2017”

My World Book Day

This year I was invited to come to my kids’ primary school on World Book Day and do a little talk about writing and how I get my ideas. My thoughts, in order, were: Great! I get to talk about writing! Ah. It’s World Book Day. I need to dress up. Not that I haveContinue reading “My World Book Day”

Egg Hunt 2016: The Quest for the Easter Bunny

After last year’s egg hunt with rhyming clues, I felt I might have painted myself into a corner. This year, therefore, I’ve written a little story which has the clues incorporated into it, called ‘The Quest for the Easter Bunny’. To stage the egg hunt you’ll need 7 envelopes, a printer, and some mini eggs (largerContinue reading “Egg Hunt 2016: The Quest for the Easter Bunny”

So much to do, so little time…

As blog posts go, this one is a check-in to let you know that I haven’t been eaten by an Alsatian (or the cat). I’ve just been busy doing things. In my last post I talked about sending my manuscript to a small army of beta-readers for the very first time, and joked that IContinue reading “So much to do, so little time…”


Happy National Scrabble Day! To be honest I had no idea that there even was a National Scrabble Day until I heard it on the radio this morning. However, now that I know I might have to mark it in the calendar. I wouldn’t describe myself as a Scrabble fiend, but I do like aContinue reading “Scrabble”

Lots of love and fun

Back in October I had the opportunity to attend an ‘in conversation with’ event featuring Brian Cosgrove. I was VERY excited. For those of you who are considering nipping off to Wikipedia to look him up, Brian Cosgrove is largely responsible for some of the best fun you can have in front of a TV;Continue reading “Lots of love and fun”

A Boys’ Own adventure: Night at the Museum 3

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while – don’t worry if you haven’t seen the film, no spoilers here! Night at the Museum 3: The Secret of the Tomb begins in Indiana Jones territory: a boy, on an archaeological expedition, in the past, who of course stumbles upon the tomb they all seek.Continue reading “A Boys’ Own adventure: Night at the Museum 3”