Just for today – a free children’s book bundle!

Regular readers (hello, you three) will know that I usually write mysteries. However, I sometimes write for children. And as it’s getting towards Christmas, I’ve teamed up with three other authors to bring you a FREE bundle of 4 Christmas-themed children’s ebooks! That’s right, FREE – but the offer is only available TODAY. So ifContinue reading “Just for today – a free children’s book bundle!”

Pippa’s alive! Murder in the Meadow is OUT NOW

The preorders have dropped into BookReport so it must be true! Pippa Parker book 4, Murder in the Meadow, is available to buy on Amazon, in both ebook and paperback! And it’s available to read for Kindle Unlimited subscribers too. In this episode of Pippa’s adventures she encounters a challenge perhaps more gruelling than anyContinue reading “Pippa’s alive! Murder in the Meadow is OUT NOW”

Get your bargain Tulips here – The Case of the Black Tulips is 99c/99p today!

As Paula Harmon and I have the third book in our Caster & Fleet series coming out shortly (The Case of the Deceased Clerk), what better way to celebrate than by running a Kindle Countdown Deal on the first book, The Case of the Black Tulips? Exactly. NO better way to celebrate! So, starting today, The CaseContinue reading “Get your bargain Tulips here – The Case of the Black Tulips is 99c/99p today!”

A Fete Worse Than Death at a bargain price!

I’m celebrating getting a few things done at the moment: The Case of the Black Tulips, my co-written Victorian mystery with Paula Harmon, is doing really well – and we’ve just published the paperback! We’re finishing off the edits for its sequel, The Case of the Runaway Client I’ve just finished the draft of Pippa ParkerContinue reading “A Fete Worse Than Death at a bargain price!”

Pinch, punch, first book of the month! A Fete Worse Than Death is LIVE!

Here it is! The pre-orders clicked through at stupid o’clock this morning, which means that A Fete Worse Than Death is officially LIVE! I’ve made a trilogy! (and yes, I still get excited, even though I’ve done this quite a few times now!) Oh yes, and I’ve had a review! Nathanielle Crawford has done aContinue reading “Pinch, punch, first book of the month! A Fete Worse Than Death is LIVE!”

Possibly the quietest book launch ever! Murder in the Choir

Happy Boxing Day! If you’ve been celebrating Christmas, hope you had a great time and are still full of food and replete with presents. Despite various illness bugs floating around the family, we had a lovely dinner and Santa came! So a good day all round. I possibly enjoyed it more because I was recoveringContinue reading “Possibly the quietest book launch ever! Murder in the Choir”

And we’re off! Camp NaNoWriMo begins…

Hello all. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and I am feeling smug because I’ve written 1250 words this morning and started a new book! CampNaNoWriMo has begun. Well, it started yesterday but I was running a poetry and short story event at Stockton Heath festival, so for me today was the day.Continue reading “And we’re off! Camp NaNoWriMo begins…”

Books books books!

Today I’m talking about even more books than usual! First of all, Murder At The Playgroup is featuring in 3 book promotions this month: Best Of British and Irish – This showcases books by British and Irish authors, and you can download free excerpts and even whole stories from Instafreebie. Lots of different genres, and the promotionContinue reading “Books books books!”

Sneak preview! Chapter 1 of A House Of Mirrors

Ever wondered what Mrs Hudson’s first meeting with Sherlock Holmes was like? Here’s my version…hope you enjoy it! NB While what’s below is in web format, the book is formatted with indented paragraphs and no spaces between 😉 CHAPTER 1 221B Baker Street, 4th January 1881 When would he come? I checked my watch forContinue reading “Sneak preview! Chapter 1 of A House Of Mirrors”

It’s A House Of Mirrors launch day!

I’m very proud to say that my first novel, A House Of Mirrors, is available to buy as an ebook on Amazon, and free to read for Kindle Unlimited subscribers! I’m planning to get the paperback out before Christmas, too 😉 It feels like a very long journey from November 1, 2015, when I sat down at the computerContinue reading “It’s A House Of Mirrors launch day!”