Have your say in my 2020 reader survey – and maybe win a paperback!

I did a reader survey last year and it was so helpful that I’m doing it again! I’ve put together a short (9-question) survey on SurveyMonkey. It’s mainly multiple-choice, and its purpose is to learn more about my readers and people who interact with me on my author social media. I’ll take the responses and useContinue reading “Have your say in my 2020 reader survey – and maybe win a paperback!”

A late spring clean! Website updated

OK, May is a bit late for a spring clean…but overhauling my website is one of those jobs which I eye warily, hoping it might go away if I don’t look at it directly. The last time we moved house one of the things we found was that the house had 3 fuseboxes – asContinue reading “A late spring clean! Website updated”


Have you received a gazillion emails this week titled ‘We don’t want to lose you?’ Yeah, me too. To be honest, I’m enjoying the opportunity to repeatedly ignore some of the increasingly desperate pleas; the ones from companies I don’t think I’ve ever signed up to get mail from. Anyway, GDPR – the General DataContinue reading “GDPR”

Avalanche – words complete!

Um, you remember that last post I wrote, about a week ago? The one where I said I was co-writing a book? WE’VE FINISHED THE DRAFT!!! Yes, I am rather excited. The Case of the Black Tulip(s) – still haven’t decided how many tulips there will be – is a THING! Here are some stats: From startContinue reading “Avalanche – words complete!”

When things snowball: my new project!

So, a while back I hinted that I was thinking of cheating on all the proofreading and editing I should be doing, and starting a new book instead. And because people are mischievous, they encouraged me. Let’s face it, I was hoping they would. That’s probably why I posted. And to be honest, I wasContinue reading “When things snowball: my new project!”

Countdown to purdah

Purdah (noun): 1. The practice in certain Muslim and Hindu societies of screening women from men or strangers, especially by means of a curtain. 1.3 British The period leading up to an election, during which government departments generally refrain from making any new announcements. (Oxford Dictionaries) Tomorrow, March 30, the organisation where I now work will enter purdah.Continue reading “Countdown to purdah”