An approaching bookiversary

I did have a vague feeling that something was coming up! It's very nearly a year since the launch of The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes, and Facebook very helpfully put a memory in front of me a couple of days ago...the moment when I cleared my throat and announced that I had a book coming … Continue reading An approaching bookiversary

A Thursday update: ARCs available!

What a relief! Yesterday I got the last comments from my wonderful proofreader, made the changes, and uploaded the final version (I hope) of A Jar of Thursday to Amazon. I'm a natural fretter, so while I knew I had time to make changes, I still had the what ifs in the back of my mind. What … Continue reading A Thursday update: ARCs available!

All my own work: reading for a flash fiction collection

I started a new project this week, something I've been thinking about for a little while. As I'm twiddling my thumbs waiting for the Secret Notebook paperback proof to plop through my letterbox, I figured I might as well get on with it. The project is to see if I have enough good flash stories from the … Continue reading All my own work: reading for a flash fiction collection

Beta-testing: 5 things I learnt about using beta readers

First things first; thank you to everyone who agreed to beta read for me. While I'd asked people to give the occasional short story a quick once-over, The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes was the first time I'd asked people to read a whole (admittedly short) collection. I learnt a lot along the way, and I think the … Continue reading Beta-testing: 5 things I learnt about using beta readers

So much to do, so little time…

As blog posts go, this one is a check-in to let you know that I haven't been eaten by an Alsatian (or the cat). I've just been busy doing things. In my last post I talked about sending my manuscript to a small army of beta-readers for the very first time, and joked that I … Continue reading So much to do, so little time…

For beta, for worse

I am currently doing the writerly equivalent of watching through my fingers from behind the sofa. Over the last fortnight I've been editing a collection of linked short stories. I spent yesterday checking and correcting punctuation and overused words, and listening to the computer read the manuscript to me (I find it less embarrassing when … Continue reading For beta, for worse