Sherlock & Jack

Yet another accidental series, this time of novellas!

This one is my husband’s fault. He was beta-reading my first book, The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes, and he said of one of the stories: ‘You can’t just leave it like that, you have to write a story about what happens at the other end!’ And so A Jar of Thursday was born, followed a year or so later by Something Blue. Book 3, A Phoenix Rises, will appear in winter 2018.

A Jar of Thursday


Fingers Molloy has beaten Sherlock Holmes once. Can he do it again?

Jack Hargreaves’ latest job is not quite as expected. Jack’s new boss is Fingers Molloy, a time-travelling burglar with a host of ingenious devices supplied by the mysterious Mr Smith. And the things they’re stealing are, frankly, odd.

Sherlock Holmes is convinced that Fingers works for his nemesis, Professor Moriarty. Yet Inspector Lestrade won’t take him seriously. How can the great detective prove he is right?

Meanwhile, Jack’s conscience is working overtime. But coming clean could reveal Jack’s own secret…

This fast-moving novella, narrated by Jack and Dr Watson, features thrills, spills, showdowns, skulduggery, and a laboratory that thinks it’s a kitchen. Open A Jar Of Thursday to find out more!

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Something Blue

SB ebook cover flat final

‘I should have been the happiest woman in the world…’

When Jacky Day accepts Tom Huggins’s proposal of marriage, there is just one problem. Abandoned as a baby and raised in the workhouse, she has no family to call her own. Now, with her wedding weeks away, she enlists the help of Sherlock Holmes to try and find them.

However, the great detective has his own worries. His old enemy, Professor Moriarty, grows ever more daring, and his attempts to kill Holmes more blatant. Add Holmes’s imminent departure for the Continent, and finding Jacky’s family becomes a race against time.

Jacky is ready to embrace her future — but to do so she must confront her fear of returning to the workhouse she grew up in, and face the truth of her buried past…

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A Phoenix Rises

Coming in 2018 – watch this space!