Here is a selection of book review snippets – mostly from Amazon, but a few from elsewhere too.

Murder At The Playgroup

From Amazon US:

Fast paced, funny, fun, I couldn’t stop turning the pages or trying to guess who done it until the end.

This is a great short read with a wonderful MC, full of spunk and pregnancy. What a combination! Loved the way the story skipped along.

I just finished reading this book last night and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was a cozy mystery that was fast-paced and full of interesting “characters”.

From Amazon UK:

A wonderful book that I could not put down! Real and warm characters and a great story line – I didn’t guess whodunnit until the reveal.

With delightful characterisation and a well structured plot, the pace of this book was excellent. I found it hard to put down and was kept guessing right to the end. I loved this book and if you like Rebecca Tope or Ann Granger, you’ll really enjoy this.

A lovely little read where the delight is not so much the plot as in the main character herself. I hope this is the first of many P.Parker mysteries. V.highly recommended for cozy mystery fans who have an hour or two to spare.

Review at The Alpha Reads


A House Of Mirrors

From Amazon US:

Liz Hedgecock’s stunning mystery would make Sir Arthur Conan Doyle PROUD.

Liz Hedgecock is a first rate storyteller and a master at drawing her readers in with her solid, fast paced plots and three dimensional, complex characters.

Twists and turns and minute attention to critical detail has created a mesmerising mystery that Conan Doyle himself would be proud of.

Lots of twists and turns and the familiar characters we love caught up in a fresh new tale—what’s not to love?

From Amazon UK:

Well written with good characterisations and elements of a Victorian England all wrapped up within an elegant mystery.

This is a fast paced action adventure with emotion and humour and with plenty of twists and turns to carry you along.

Absolutely loved this book. Exploring Mrs Hudson’s back story in a beautiful and interesting way, turning it into a new case for Sherlock Holmes.


The Case of the Snow-White Lady

From Amazon:

If you like a thrilling mystery where you fall in love with the characters and the plot continually thickens then this is a story you’ll love digging into!

Liz Hedgecock captures Watson’s voice beautifully, and in this short thriller she also captures the Sherlock air of mystery.

This miniature masterpiece evokes the very best of ACD’s triumphs.


A Jar Of Thursday

From Amazon US:

A tightly bound, wonderfully layered story with all our favourite Holmes characters.

A Jar of Thursday is a fast paced, rollicking fun read.

The characters are so believable you’d think you were sitting there in the parlor with them smelling the pipe smoke.

Well paced and atmospheric, this short novel was great fun.

From Amazon UK:

This book was great fun to read – the dialogue and characters were all believable and in sync with original Sherlock stories.

This is what you might expect if Arthur Conan Doyle had collaborated with HG Wells to write a Sherlock Holmes story.

Liz Hedgecock does a great job of setting the scene, weaving an engaging, fast-paced adventure that envelops you in the world of Holmes and Watson.

Review at Anya Kimlin’s website.


The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes

From Amazon US – this seems to be a Marmite book in America! If you like slightly irreverent parody, you might enjoy it:

Author Liz Hedgecock weaves a fun, light, often funny collection of vignettes of Sherlock’s lesser known cases told from the point of view of Watson, the renowned detective’s ever faithful partner in crime.

I especially enjoyed the sly references to people and inventions from the real world. A delightful little book for Holmes lovers.

I had a hard time deciding if I should take it serious or if the author was trying to be humorous and missed the mark.

What I most enjoyed about the passages in the Secret Notebook was the classic, dry Sherlocky wit.

Many puns which I don’t care for in Sherlock stories…but not all stories here are silly.

Not really cases per se, they showcase all the delightful folly that Holmes pastiches can provide, while being at the same time charming and fun.

From Amazon UK:

Brilliant writing very much in the style of Conan Doyle and a very satisfying read.

Fun little book with familiar characters that is good to pick up, often successful in eliciting a chuckle, when you have a few minutes.

Had Conan Doyle had a more humorous intention with regard to Holmes, this might very well have been the product of his own imagination.

All are well crafted vignettes, and very much written in the spirit of fun.

I greatly enjoyed the short, sharp nature of the stories.

Review at I Hear Of Sherlock Everywhere.



Like the chocolates on the cover these stories are very moreish. Beautifully written and highly recommended.

Though these stories may appear small, be prepared, for they pack a powerful punch.