Manuscript Development Report

This service is aimed at newer authors, or those moving to a new genre. I’m offering it now because I’ve been asked for it by existing clients and it has worked well.

What does a Manuscript Development Report involve, and why might I want one?

Essentially, it’s a high-level edit which focuses on the big stuff: the structure and the pacing of the book, your plot and any holes in it, your characters’ development and their arcs through the story, any continuity issues, and whether your book meets the expectations of its genre. I’ll also suggest ways to strengthen how you write, such as handling dialogue, dealing with repetition, or building and maintaining tension. Basically, the report is intended to help you develop and improve your manuscript.

I’ll read your book (or part thereof), and then write you a report highlighting any issues, giving examples, and offering suggestions for improvement. As with a full edit, I currently charge a flat rate of £18 per hour. NB: This will rise to £19 per hour from April 1, 2023. However, if you book before that date for an edit during 2023, I’ll do it at my current price.

If you’re wondering what the above means in practice, in February 2022 I read a partial manuscript of 32,000 words and wrote a 1,500-word high-level report on it, including recommendations, which in total took me slightly under 4 hours. NB: I can’t guarantee I’ll always be that quick – it depends how much you give me to read!

You may find a Manuscript Development Report useful if you’re a newer writer, or if you’re moving into a genre which is new to you. Perhaps you’ve become stuck part-way through your book, and you’re not quite sure how to proceed, or you know the book needs to be different but you aren’t sure how. The purpose of this report is to give you guidance and suggestions, so that you can return to your book with fresh eyes and improve the key elements – structure, pacing, plot and characters – before worrying about whether your commas are in the right place!

If you’d like to discuss whether this service is right for you, please contact me.