A book reading from The Magical Bookshop

I’ve been on the Zoom again! Having braved it once and suffered no ill-effects, I’m back with a book reading from Every Trick In The Book, which is the first in my Magical Bookshop series. This series, which I began last year in the midst of lockdown, is the light, fun, escapist mystery read IContinue reading “A book reading from The Magical Bookshop”

It’s World Book Day – so here’s a book reading!

Doing a book reading is one of those things I’ve been meaning to get round to for a long time. So as it’s World Book Day today, I decided to take the plunge and go for it. Not so that you can actually see me reading the book, you understand – after all, there areContinue reading “It’s World Book Day – so here’s a book reading!”

Have your say in my 2020 reader survey – and maybe win a paperback!

I did a reader survey last year and it was so helpful that I’m doing it again! I’ve put together a short (9-question) survey on SurveyMonkey. It’s mainly multiple-choice, and its purpose is to learn more about my readers and people who interact with me on my author social media. I’ll take the responses and useContinue reading “Have your say in my 2020 reader survey – and maybe win a paperback!”

Run VT! Making a simple book trailer

It’s been ages since I wrote a how-to post – although this one is more of a how-I-did, and not necessarily a how-you-should post. So, I’d been thinking about making a fairly simple trailer to introduce The Case of the Black Tulips, the first book in the Caster & Fleet mystery series I’ve been co-writing withContinue reading “Run VT! Making a simple book trailer”

Happy Halloween!

The horror story here is that our dishwasher isn’t working…other than that, we’re good. I’m looking forward to two things this Halloween. One is going trick-or-treating with the kids later – sweeeeeets! The other is taking part in C.L. Monaghan‘s Halloween takeover event, Midnight Mayhem and Magic, to celebrate the launch of her new book, MidnightContinue reading “Happy Halloween!”

Guest blog: Down The Rabbit Hole

Typical. I haven’t done a proper blog post for ages – and when I do get round to one, it’s for someone else’s blog! I’m this week’s guest on The Write Stuff… at Shaz’s Book Blog, and you can read my piece on research for writing historical fiction here: Visit Shaz’s Book Blog The featuredContinue reading “Guest blog: Down The Rabbit Hole”

Crunching the numbers: Book Report

WARNING: If you don’t like numbers or graphs you might want to look away now…or skip this post altogether! I’m probably a gazillion steps behind the rest of the author community, but I just signed up for Book Report. If you haven’t seen it, Book Report makes an easy-read dashboard out of your Amazon KDPContinue reading “Crunching the numbers: Book Report”

Book birthday – and a giveaway!

It’s no April Fool – The Secret Notebook Of Sherlock Holmes is one year old today! *plays slightly out-of-tune chord on violin* (it’s been a while) To celebrate, the ebook is 99c/99p/equivalent on Amazon today (Saturday 1 April) – plus I’m running a paperback giveaway! So if you fancy a signed copy, all you have to do forContinue reading “Book birthday – and a giveaway!”

Tech Tip Tuesday: Connect to local Amazon stores with global shortlinks

Today’s blog will be a short one – appropriate, as I’m talking about creating shortlinks for books. It’s also directed towards people who have books in the Amazon store, or plan to in the future. If that isn’t you, look away now. If you already know about global shortlinks, I apologise in advance. If youContinue reading “Tech Tip Tuesday: Connect to local Amazon stores with global shortlinks”

The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes, one month on

A whole month has passed since The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes was released into the wild. Sometimes that feels like ages, sometimes the blink of an eye. A short while ago a friend asked me how I felt about the experience of publishing an ebook. As I’m feeling a bit reflective, here’s an answer incorporating some ofContinue reading “The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes, one month on”