It’s that time again: new year goals…

Well, 2020 has been interesting, to say the least. What’s that saying about ‘may you live in interesting times’?  I reread last year’s ‘life goals’ post, and either I was unusually prescient, or I may be partly responsible for the mess that has been 2020. If so, I apologise. That said, I’m conscious that I’mContinue reading “It’s that time again: new year goals…”

3…2…1: Past Tense is launched!

It’s launch day! If you like, you can imagine that I’m writing this with virtual bunting strung above my head, and drinking a glass of virtual champagne (although it’s a bit early for that sort of thing). Anyway, I’m very pleased to announce that Pippa Parker book 6, Past Tense, is now available in ebook andContinue reading “3…2…1: Past Tense is launched!”

The best of both worlds: Past Tense launches on 30 June!

I seem to have been busier than usual lately. I’m not sure if this is because I have been, or if it just seems that way. But anyhow, I haven’t quite got round to a proper marketing effort for Pippa Parker book 6, Past Tense, which launches next Tuesday, 30 June. Past Tense was anContinue reading “The best of both worlds: Past Tense launches on 30 June!”

#EscapeWithABook: Pippa Parker 1-3 Box Set

Back to the discounts! I’ve completely forgotten which week it is of #EscapeWithABook, in which I run a discount on a different ebook every week. This week it’s the turn of Pippa Parker Cozy Mysteries Box Set, which includes the first three Pippa Parker mysteries: Murder At The Playgroup, Murder In The Choir and A FeteContinue reading “#EscapeWithABook: Pippa Parker 1-3 Box Set”

A new book – and a competition too!

I took a day off between book edits this week, and spent it sorting out the book cover and blurb for Pippa Parker book 6. I’m not sure this qualifies as a day off in the normal sense of the word, but hey. Anyway, here it is! Announcing Pippa Parker book 6, Past Tense, launching JuneContinue reading “A new book – and a competition too!”