On unreliable narrators and alternative worlds

We finally got round to watching Cruella last weekend. We had thought of seeing the film when it first came out and paying for priority access, but I had suggested that we wait, since I wasn’t sure whether we’d like it. As it turns out, we really enjoyed it. When I looked on Wikipanion later,Continue reading “On unreliable narrators and alternative worlds”

Free book, cheap book, and two book fairs to explore!

It’s like buses – you think you’ve scheduled various things with decent gaps between them, and only later do you realise that actually they’re all coming along together. Or maybe that’s just me. Anyway, here are some offers I have going on today and for the next few days: One of my Halloween Sherlock novelettes, Sherlock HolmesContinue reading “Free book, cheap book, and two book fairs to explore!”

Double launch day – a cabinet and a trio!

Today is launch day for not one but TWO books! OK, I’m cheating slightly because one is a box set/omnibus edition, but hey. Here are the books in question! Hopefully you can tell from the covers that they’re kind of related. 😉 Both are from my most traditional and probably darkest Sherlock Holmes series, Halloween Sherlock.Continue reading “Double launch day – a cabinet and a trio!”

When life gives you lemons…make a box set!

Gosh, it’s been a while since I blogged on here… I blame back-to-school-and-work, and also trying to get my publishing ducks in a row. Anyway, as you can see from the picture, I’ve been putting things into boxes! The first 3 books in the Pippa Parker Mysteries series are now available in an ebook box set. OriginallyContinue reading “When life gives you lemons…make a box set!”

Free Fog Friday!

No, not a free frog, I don’t have any of those. The ebook of Sherlock Holmes and the Deathly Fog, however, one of my Halloween Sherlock novelettes, is free on all Amazon stores today! Here’s the blurb: Who can fight a deathly fog? Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are summoned into the heart of London’s slums byContinue reading “Free Fog Friday!”

What lies beneath Halloween Sherlock…another guest post!

I’ve been playing away again, I’m afraid… This time I’m at paranormal author Catherine Green’s blog, talking about what inspired my Halloween Sherlock series – which, as usual, was never intended to be a series at all. There’s also news about a Halloween takeover I’m participating in as part of the launch for C.L. Monaghan’s new book, MidnightContinue reading “What lies beneath Halloween Sherlock…another guest post!”

Out now! Sherlock Holmes and the Deathly Fog

***BOOK LAUNCH KLAXON*** (at medium volume because this one’s a novelette) I’m very pleased to announce that the ebook of Sherlock Holmes and the Deathly Fog is LIVE, and joins its paperback sibling on Amazon today. It’s priced at 99p/99c/€0.99 for the ebook, and £2.99/$3.99 for the paperback. The book is also free to read for Kindle UnlimitedContinue reading “Out now! Sherlock Holmes and the Deathly Fog”

Season of mists, mellow fruitfulness and Kindle Countdown Deals…

Ah, the leaves are falling and the kids are back at school… To celebrate the wonderful peace and quiet, I’ve scheduled a couple of Kindle Countdown Deals! My first book, The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes, is on discount in the US and UK from today, Thursday 7 September, till Wednesday 13 September. So if you’d like toContinue reading “Season of mists, mellow fruitfulness and Kindle Countdown Deals…”

Release the fog!!! Well, on pre-order anyway…

So, yesterday I pushed the button. Sherlock Holmes and the Deathly Fog, the second instalment in my Halloween Sherlock series (yes, I have decided it’s a series), is now available to pre-order, and will launch in September! Just in case the header image on here has done weird things to it, here is the book cover in full:Continue reading “Release the fog!!! Well, on pre-order anyway…”