#EscapeWithABook Week 1: A House of Mirrors

Hello there, and I hope you’re well. Things are odd, and no mistake. I hope you’re all keeping well, and managing in this strange new world of ours. At the moment, I’m doing my best to keep busy, to stop myself from constant news-checking and clicking on unhelpful stuff, and I imagine many of you areContinue reading “#EscapeWithABook Week 1: A House of Mirrors”

New year, same goals…

At least I’m getting in with the new year’s goals post quicker than I did last year! I won’t get into whether it’s a new decade or not because people will start squabbling, so let’s move along. Here’s a recap of last year’s goals: Work smarter, not harder  Try some new things  Get fitter  2019Continue reading “New year, same goals…”

One year old: happy birthday, Caster and Fleet!

I can’t believe it, but it’s true. I had a sort-of-feeling, and when I checked on Amazon I was right. The Case of the Black Tulips, the first book in the Caster & Fleet series, will be one year old on 19 June. I told my husband and he said ‘Is that all?’ And IContinue reading “One year old: happy birthday, Caster and Fleet!”

A late spring clean! Website updated

OK, May is a bit late for a spring clean…but overhauling my website is one of those jobs which I eye warily, hoping it might go away if I don’t look at it directly. The last time we moved house one of the things we found was that the house had 3 fuseboxes – asContinue reading “A late spring clean! Website updated”

Caster & Fleet: not goodbye, but au revoir

This morning I wrote a chapter. A last chapter. Not of a book (well OK yes, it was of a book), but a series. And given the title of this post, you can probably guess which one. Oh gosh, it was hard. Starting it was bad enough. How do you write a chapter to finishContinue reading “Caster & Fleet: not goodbye, but au revoir”

It’s my 3-year self-publiversary today! 12 reflections…

I noticed about halfway through this morning, in the midst of running errands and nothing much to do with writing, that today is my 3-year self-publiversary. My first self-pubbed book launched on 1 April 2016 (I picked that date for a reason, honest!), and hey, here I still am. I published a post for myContinue reading “It’s my 3-year self-publiversary today! 12 reflections…”

How do I measure success as a writer?

This is something which has been on my mind lately, probably as a sort of hangover from all those goal-setting New Year posts. What’s the best way to measure success as a writer? Or do I mean as a publisher? Ooh, now that’s a different question entirely. There are so many things you could focusContinue reading “How do I measure success as a writer?”

Yes, it’s that new year post…

I bet you’ve read loads of these New Year posts already in 2019, but this is probably as much for me as it is for you, so here goes! You’ll notice that this post is a bit later than the majority of goal-setting posts. That’s partly because I’ve been surrounded by family until today. It’sContinue reading “Yes, it’s that new year post…”

Happy self-publiversary to me!

I only noticed this about half an hour ago (it’s latish afternoon here in the UK), but today is my 30-month or 2.5-year self-publiversary! Yes, two and a half years ago I unleashed The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes on an unsuspecting world, and then, well, I just kept going. 30 months feels like a long timeContinue reading “Happy self-publiversary to me!”

2018 here I come!

It’s January 1. It’s raining. Therefore it must be time for the New Year’s Resolutions / life goals for 2018 post! Last year’s goals: Market new and existing books and stories to maximise their return Walk/run 1000 miles Aim for work-life balance and spare capacity How did I do? Let’s say it was a year ofContinue reading “2018 here I come!”