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Below are short descriptions and links to my various series. Click on the links to be transported to each series page, where you can read the blurb, get a free sample, and visit the book on Amazon or Goodreads.

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Caster & Fleet Mysteries (written with Paula Harmon)

This is a 6-book series of Victorian mysteries set in the 1890s and featuring Connie and Katherine, an unlikely pair of accidental detectives. Prepare for shenanigans!

Maisie Frobisher Mysteries

This spinoff mystery series from the Caster & Fleet books took on a life of its own! Maisie Frobisher embarks on a cruise to India to escape her past and find adventure – and she gets more than she bargained for!

Pippa Parker Mysteries

A contemporary cozy mystery series in which Pippa Parker, mum and amateur sleuth, solves crimes in the sleepy English village of Much Gadding.

 The Magical Bookshop

A contemporary cozy mystery series with more than a touch of magic…

When Jemma James takes a job at the second-worst secondhand bookshop in London, her ambition to turn it around is thwarted at every step. The owner is more interested in his newspaper than sales, the bookshop cat hates her, and the shop itself has a mind of its own. But can Jemma learn the bookshop’s secrets!

Mrs Hudson & Sherlock Holmes

A Victorian mystery thriller series, narrated by Mrs Hudson herself – but she isn’t the Mrs Hudson you may remember from the original books…

Halloween Sherlock

A fairly straight-faced traditional take on Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, in a series of darker novelettes (long short stories) with a Halloween theme.

 Sherlock & Jack

This complete series of 3 novellas chronicles the adventures of Jack Hargreaves – ducker, diver, workhouse escapee and burglar’s assistant – and the great detective Sherlock Holmes.

The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes

My first book, and the gateway to all the rest! This book of humorous short stories got me started, and one of the stories, ‘Sherlock Holmes and the Burglar’, was the precursor to the Sherlock & Jack series.

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I began writing short stories, and Bitesize is a short collection of the best ones. You can also get the ebook free as a thank-you for signing up to my newsletter.