About me

Hi! Pull up a chair, why don’t you.

Where to begin? Well, I grew up in south London, did an English degree, and then took forever to start writing. After a fairly brief spell of university teaching I worked in the NHS for several years, hopping between HR, learning and development and programme management. I wrote corporately all the while, with occasional secret forays into more creative writing.

Then a couple of years ago, after a one-day corporate writing course of all things,  I came down with a serious case of the writing bug. I saw a call for short stories on Twitter, wrote one, and sent it off. And it was published. That was it – I was hooked.

Further symptoms include compulsive short-story writing (sometimes with prizewinning side-effects), recurrent blogging, and now, several longer works (have a look in the sidebar and you’ll see what I mean).

When I’m writing I struggle to balance the cat on my lap, and I bet I drink more tea than anyone you know. When I’m not writing I’m probably either reading, trying to reason with my two boys, eating one of my husband’s lovely but large dinners, or attempting to run it off. I live in Cheshire but still say baaath and grass, I’m afraid.

There you go. If you’d like to chat, find me on Twitter or send me a message on the contact form. I have to go and make another cup of tea now…