Unexpected book offer! The Sherlock & Jack ebook boxset is just 99p/99c (US/UK)

I’ll keep this brief, as it’s completely unexpected! The only reason I know about this offer is that a reader told me about it (um, thanks, publishers)

The 3-ebook boxset of The Sherlock & Jack Chronicles is currently just 99p/99c for today and the next few daysNB this is in the UK and US only, as it’s a Kindle Countdown Deal and that’s where they operate. However, the book is also available to read on Kindle Unlimited.

So if you like historical mysteries, alternative versions of Sherlock Holmes, or bargain boxsets with 3 novellas in, this is a great offer!

ALTERNATIVELY, if you know someone else who likes one or more of these things, you could gift them the ebook as a sneaky extra present (provided they also live in the US/UK).

Here’s the blurb:

Can one woman save Sherlock Holmes? Find out in this 3-book box set!

If you like well-drawn characters, humour, and a twist on a classic, you’ll love this spin on Sherlock Holmes.

Jack Hargreaves has been ducking and diving since she ran away from her past. However, a rash job move sees her working as a burglar’s assistant — and that burglar has come to the attention of Sherlock Holmes.

But escaping the great detective is just the beginning. The pair form an unlikely partnership, and Jack discovers that her past holds a secret of great interest to Holmes.

As a result she is caught up in a cat-and mouse game between an adversary who holds all the cards and a detective who cannot come out of the shadows…

The Sherlock & Jack Chronicles is a complete series of mystery novellas, comprising A Jar of Thursday, Something Blue and A Phoenix Rises.

If you do pick up a copy of the boxset, I hope you enjoy it – and if you gift a copy, I hope you get MAJOR brownie points!

Pick up your copy of the Sherlock & Jack Chronicles from Amazon


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