Ambushed by a spam fritter!

So there I was, editing away at the children’s book I’ve drafted, and starting to think about what to write next. 

The obvious contender is Maisie Frobisher book 5, and it would make sense to plot books 5 and 6 together and then crack on. Wouldn’t it? 

But fate had other ideas…

I’d been idly thinking about writing a sort of foody memoir, except that my life really isn’t that interesting. Then I read Heartburn by Nora Ephron, which does a brilliant job of weaving food and recipes into the story. Another thing I’d idly been considering was having a go at writing a rom-com. I’ve read enough of them, after all.

And then yesterday a Facebook writing group I belong to, Writers’ Soapbox, posted a writing challenge: 500 words about food. I already had a page of food-memory notes jotted down, so I picked one – spam fritters – and went for a walk with my phone. Out came a speed-dating nightmare, and I guess my next book has chosen itself. 

This morning, I thought ‘oh, I’ll just look up X before I start work.’ Half an hour later, I’d opened 12 new tabs in my browser, ordered samples of 2 craft books, downloaded a beat sheet and chosen a notebook (very important). 

So there you go. Rom-com, here I come! Or, since it’s got a food theme, is it a rom-nom-com? 

The featured image is Spam #Spam by Mike Mozart, and is shared via Creative Commons CC by 2.0.

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