Fully Booked is out today

It’s a funny time to launch a book, that’s for sure. Even last week, I didn’t know that world events were going to escalate to such a degree. But my book was locked into Amazon by then, so here we are!

Given everything else going on right now, obviously I haven’t done much promotion, but I figured a post on launch day was reasonable enough.

Fully Booked is the sixth book in the Magical Bookshop humorous mystery series, and also the last book in its current story arc (you can see all the books on the series page). I’d recommend reading the other books first, as I make lots of references to earlier events and tie up a fair few loose ends, so you’ll get a lot more out of it that way.

I have no doubt that there will be more to come from this series, as I’ve left myself all sorts of interesting side characters and snippets of other histories to go back to. But if you like reading complete series, this one is done! It’s available in ebook, in paperback, and also to read as part of Kindle Unlimited. If you do pick up a copy, I hope you enjoy it.

Here is the blurb:

Is this the final chapter?

Jemma is settling into her new role: coordinating a team to watch out for the elusive Drusilla. But when London is beset by strange happenings, she finds herself in the thick of the action – and not in a good way.

Meanwhile, her boss Lennox plans to lighten the workload. Unfortunately, he means his own. Torn between running the bookshops, keeping watch, and investigating what is going on in London, Jemma knows something has to give.

After some tough decisions, Jemma has the support she needs. But the more they dig, the clearer it becomes that the chaos in London is the work of more than one person. Who is behind it all? And as they draw closer to the truth, Jemma discovers that she is in danger too…

Can Jemma save herself and the city before she runs out of time?

Fully Booked is the sixth in the Magical Bookshop humorous mystery series, set in modern London.

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