A book launch for Christmas: Black Books

Well, talk about a rush! Normally I’m quite organised when I’m bringing out a new book, and I have a preorder and do a bit of marketing every few days or so until launch.

Not this one – because I wasn’t sure I’d get it out before Christmas at all!

May I introduce to you Black Books, Magical Bookshop book 5! It’s out in ebook and available on Kindle Unlimited, and the paperback is uploading as I type.

Here is the Amazon link – it’s a global link which should take you to your nearest store: http://mybook.to/bookshop5.

This book has been a funny one (well, it is meant to be a humorous magical cozy mystery series, but you know what I mean). It took me ages to get round to planning it properly, but when I did, it zoomed along. I found myself going for 2 walks a day (I dictate as I walk for the first draft) just to keep up with it.

My beta-readers said this book is the best in the series so far, so lots of pressure on me for book 6! That, by the way, is my next writing project, and I’m planning to start in January.

Here’s the blurb:

May you live in interesting times…

Jemma is happy in her work, busy managing the bookshops and handling knowledge emergencies, so when Raphael mentions more responsibility, she says no. She hadn’t realised Raphael meant his job.

Her new boss seems efficient, competent and rigorous: everything Raphael isn’t. They ought to get on like a house on fire, but sparks fly from the moment they meet. The bookshop is increasingly volatile, too. And Raphael’s on secondment in Italy…

Knowledge emergencies are rising, tensions are mounting, and Jemma’s own job is at stake. Can she work out what’s going on and stop it before the worst happens?

Black Books is the fifth in the Magical Bookshop humorous mystery series, set in modern London.

If you do read the book, I hope you enjoy it!

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