Prepare to launch: Brought to Book!

Book 2 of the Magical Bookshop series is here – prepare to be Brought to Book! And so far, my early reviewers have really enjoyed it!

This time I’ve advanced a bit further down the path which the first book, Every Trick in the Book, paused at, and a few more things about the bookshop are revealed.

Read the early reviews for Brought to Book on Goodreads

As usual, the book is available as an ebook on Amazon, and via Kindle Unlimited. I’m just waiting for my copy of the paperback to arrive (it’s coming today! Squee!), so that I can check it over! So if you like the sound of a mystery with plenty of humour and a touch of magic, why not check it out? And if you do pick up a copy, I hope you enjoy it.

Brought to Book

Here’s the blurb:

Not all new brooms sweep clean…

Business is booming at Burns Books — so much so that Jemma and Raphael hire a new assistant. And that’s when things start to go wrong.

Luke’s helpful, he’s knowledgeable, and the customers like him. So why is the shop up to its old tricks, and a few new ones? And what’s the matter with Folio?

Jemma and Carl take it upon themselves to investigate, and end up finding out a lot more than they bargained for. Will working at the bookshop ever be the same again?

Brought To Book is the second in the Magical Bookshop humorous mystery series, set in modern London.

Check out Brought to Book on Amazon

Add the book to your Goodreads reading list (and read the reviews so far!)

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