5 days to go – it’s nearly time for Maisie Frobisher book 3!

Even after twenty-something books, I still get excited about launching a new one.

The book in question is Gone To Ground, and it’s book 3 in the Maisie Frobisher Mysteries series. I enjoyed writing it tremendously, and hopefully readers will enjoy it too!

The ebook will be out on April 28, but it’s available to preorder now, and from launch it will be in the Kindle Unlimited programme. I’m waiting for my paperback proof at the moment, but it should be ready for launch day.

I’ll also be putting together an ebook box set for anyone who fancies a Maisie binge – that’ll be All At Sea, Off The Map and Gone To Ground in one volume. News on that as it happens – and when I’ve decided on a cover!

 See Gone To Ground on Amazon (opens in a new window)

Here’s the blurb:


A bird in the hand…

Maisie Frobisher and Inspector Hamilton are planning a triumphant return to England; but when the Viceroy of India says no, that’s that.

Inspector Hamilton is chained to his desk trying to uncover the network of operatives who are sowing discord through leaked information. Maisie, resenting the Viceroy’s intervention, refuses to help. However, a mysterious stranger turns out to be a face from Maisie’s recent past who holds a key to the mystery. And she will only speak through Maisie…

Leopard is still at large, in the hope that he will lead to bigger cats still, but Inspector Hamilton envies Maisie her position at the centre of the drama. And amongst the small talk, an ally is murdered…

Now, with the network seeming to grow stronger by the minute, Maisie and the Inspector must put aside their feelings and even their loyalties to get at the truth behind the smokescreen of lies.

Gone To Ground is the third book in the Maisie Frobisher Mysteries series, set in the mid-1890s.

If you do pick up a copy, I hope you enjoy it!

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