A detour into poetry: procrastination

This year, one of my new year’s life goals was to try new things in writing. So when I saw that FutureLearn were offering a 3-week course called ‘How To Make A Poem’, I signed up. It’s free, and you can find it here. I enjoyed the course, and while it’s more of a taster than a comprehensive course, I did get something out of it.

Cut to the present, and my local writing group has a) gone virtual, b) started setting a voluntary poetry/short story challenge for each meeting. The last one was on procrastination, and it caught me at an interesting time, when I felt so caught up in trying to make working from home/homeschooling work for everyone that I ended each day absolutely exhausted.

Here’s what I wrote, and as the group liked it, and thought I should share it wider, here it is. If the text is a bit small, you should be able to open it in a new window by right-clicking.

Procrastination poem screenshot

The theme for next time is Lockdown, so you can probably expect more cheery outpourings from me in due course!

The featured image is sand-hourglass-black-and-white by John Voo, and is shared under Creative Commons license 2.0.

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