4 Easter egg hunts you can do at home

Hi there,

Normally we’d be thinking about trips to go on during the Easter break, but, well…

In previous years I’ve posted home Easter egg hunts on here, and I figure this year is probably the one to collate all those posts together.

The hunts are suitable for kids between about 6-11: younger ones might need a bit of help.

All you need for each hunt is:

  • Some small chocolate eggs (foil-wrapped are probably best)
  • A printer (you could write it all out, but I bet you’d rather not)
  • Paper or card

Feel free to adapt the hunt (you can always take clues out), and also let others know about them – but if you do, please acknowledge this website.

Here are the links (each opens in a new window):

Egg Hunt: Happy Easter! (rhyming clues)

Egg Hunt 2016: The Quest for the Easter Bunny (story-based)

It’s that time again! Easter Egg Hunt 2017 (secret agent theme)

Egg Hunt 2018: The Quest for the Dragon’s Hoard (adventure theme)

Enjoy, and Happy Easter!

The featured image is P1010213 by Amy G, and is shared under Creative Commons license 2.0.

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